Track Your Sales Employee With India’s Best Sales Person Tracking App

Sales Employee Location Tracking App in India
Trackyu is the best GPS-enabled sales employee location tracking app in India that allow real-time monitoring of your remote team so that you can focus on other important and bigger tasks.

Having the right sales person location tracking app is an integral part of any business as it maximizes the efficiency and productivity of the whole team. Trackyu, a GPS-enabled sales person tracking software, simplifies the quotidian tasks of monitoring attendance, working and performance of employees, thus saving the company a lot of money and time. The company executives can focus on closing important deals, instead of ensuring if their employees are obediently and honestly fulfilling their duties. Hence, save your company’s thousands of rupees and hours of time by having the affordable, easy-to-use and dynamic solution that we offer.


Sales Person Tracking App Makes Attendance Marking and Monitoring Easy

  • Sales officers mark attendance with their selfies and real-time location
  • Sales officers can apply for leave simply by filling out a form and receiving approval through the app
  • Internet connectivity does not affect field team’s work or the application data
  • Executives can monitor team’s attendance from the admin portal
  • HR can download reports to analyse working of the employees
Employee Location and Attendance Tracking App


Visit Management & Sales Employee Tracking App

Overseeing and monitoring field team is simple with Employee Location Tracker

  • Sales officers check-in and check-out to mark their visits within the app
  • List of contacts can be uploaded via admin portal and assigned to specific user(s)
  • Executives can monitor working and define tasks of their field team
  • The feature makes working hours calculation very simple
  • HR can easily evaluate field team’s performance by viewing several different reports on the admin portal

Authentic Reporting


Sales employee tracking app ensures transparent and clear communication between the remote team and the employer with its live monitoring.


Our cloud-based sales person tracking app enables its users to access data from anywhere anytime without compromising security. On top of that, internet connection issues do not cause data loss.

Real-time monitoring

With employee location tracker, executives can track their field team in real-time, ensuring an honest working and higher efficiency on the field.

Reports availability

With several different types of reports available, there is never any discrepancy between the remote team and the employer. The employer can easily view and monitor the team’s working.


Sales Person Tracking App Makes Day Planning Quicker & Easier

  • Sales officers can plan their working in advance using the app
  • Executives can define or change their field team’s beat plan via the admin portal
  • Sales officers and executives receive email alerts regarding day plans
  • Sales officers cannot make changes to the plan approved by their executives
GPS Tracking and Reporting App


Expense Management & Delivery Tracking Software

Uploading and Monitoring Tour Expenses Is Convenient With Employee Location Tracker

  • Sales officers upload local and non-local expenses in the application
  • Executives can set a limit to expenses and make invoice/receipt mandatory
  • Real-time upload of expenses ensures authentic reporting
  • HR can easily create expense logs by using the collected information


Sales Person Tracking App Simplifies Performance Tracking

  • Executives can set monthly sales targets for their team via admin portal
  • Targets can be set for several categories including total visits, order values, etc.
  • Sales officers can easily monitor their performance based on the set target
  • Executives can easily evaluate performance of their sales team by viewing reports
Performance & Employee Location Tracker