Tracking your remote team’s working can be an arduous and time-consuming task and yet, there are gaps present. Monitoring is now as easy as viewing a google map. Technology has seen tremendous development and is now a major part of every business. Now, you can simply open an application and track your employees’ working and performance. The best part about technology is that employees can use their own mobile devices. No extra equipment is required. They just have to download a free application from Google store!


Maintaining paper time-sheets can be frustrating and a hassle. By going digital, you can simplify the whole process and make your life simpler.


Go digital today. Quit maintaining paper time-sheets. Make your life easier. With Trackyu, field team, executives and HR have the abilities to monitor, evaluate and analyse working easily.

Tutorial Videos

Movement Check in Trackyu

How to mark Open Visit

How to track your Retail Visit (Retail Visit)

Punch-in visit feature

Trackyu Intro (Hindi Version)

Trackyu Intro (English Version)